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Discussion in 'General Support' started by xCreeperYT, Jul 27, 2020.

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    Jul 27, 2020
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    Hi! I'm new to the forum so excuse me if I'm not posting this where I should be.

    I'm making a multipurpose bot for my server and one of its functions is to generate invitation links.

    I have a special channel called invitations, where you type the !invite command and it sends you the link in a direct message. (After you type the command it is automatically deleted)

    Now, in that text channel I have activated the slowmode so that people can only write the command every 30 minutes. One of my colleagues told me: What would happen if someone writes something else than the command in that channel?

    So, here I am, writing this post and asking a question, how can I delete the messages that are not that particular command?

    Since I wouldn't like users to write other things in that channel.

    Thank you very much for reading this and for your help.

    Greetings, xCreeperYT.

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