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    Welcome to the Discord Bot Maker forums!
    Before you get started, please be sure you become familiar with the following rules:

    1. Please be respectful to all users
    Acting unnecessarily rude or treating other users poorly will result in a ban.

    2. Please do not spam or send large/unrelated images within posts or signatures
    Please do not send consecutive messages within the same thread; in many scenarios editing your previous message will suffice. Furthermore, please do not send unnecessarily large images. Make sure signatures do not contain large images also.

    3. Anything NSFW or illegal is forbidden
    The forums are held responsible for content posted, so please think about it before posting!

    4. No advertising
    Do not use the forums as a platform for advertising. Any links to unrelated services will result in a ban!

    5. Do not troll, flame, or send messages in all caps
    This is not the place for arguments or trolling; please take it somewhere else. Furthermore, please do not send messages with bizarre formatting. This includes, but is not limited to, messages with all caps, messages contained completely in spoilers or codes, or messages with text colors.

    6. No posting of personal information
    Please do not post personal information about yourself or other users.

    7. Do not ask to become a mod
    If mods are needed, people found to be appropriate for the job will be contacted. Asking to become a mod only decreases your chances.

    8. Keep things relevant
    Please remain on topic in all forums threads!

    Thank you for reading!
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