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    Hey there, I'm Meteo,the most cruel DBM Moderator of them all. You probably know me some way or another if you're in the Discord server, but enough of that.

    I've had a few people go asking "how to I get x achievement" etc. I have nothing else to do with my time so I may as well just throw this guide out here.

    The "Achievements" for DBM are pretty easy to get. There are currently 7 of them, all of which can probably be unlocked in less than an hour.

    Run Like the Wind!
    You have run your bot! Time to see how things turned out!

    Basically just that. Just select the "Run Project" button from the "Project" tab at the top of the window.

    Burn Baby Burn
    Looks like your bot had a little... accident. Hope it can recover!

    DBM wasn't even released to the public when I got this achievement. Can't remember how I got it at all, but you've basically got to make your bot get an error and crash (I think)

    I've heard some users say that just disconnecting your internet while running the bot will work. Haven't tried it out nor do I really want to though. Comment below if you have anything to add, I guess.

    Welcome to the Party
    You've created an event triggered by a member joining. Be sure to welcome them!

    Just create an event which has the trigger "Member Join Server". Here's some raw code (beta) if you can't be bothered.

    (Remember to right click a new event, select "Edit Compressed Data" and then paste the above in. This only works in the beta version as of the time of posting this)

    Time to Win a Prize
    You've inserted your bot token into the project. It's time to start this party!

    Go to https://discordapp.com/developers/applications/me/create
    Add a name into this area, anything will do.

    Next, select the fancy "Create App" button at the bottom of the page.
    Scroll down the page that comes up until you reach this:
    Select "Create a Bot User"
    This will then appear.
    Select the "click to reveal" text. Copy that text (highlight and ctrl +c for those who don't know), and then return to DBM.

    Go to the "Settings" tab, and paste (ctrl + v, once again for those unaware) what you just copied into the "Bot Token" box:
    That should grant you the Achievement. It's been ages since I got it, so do be sure to comment if there are anymore steps to it.

    About Time!
    It's ABOUT time you got this achievement ABOUT the ABOUT.

    Probably the easiest and most straight forward Achievement there is.
    Click on the "About" tab under the window name, and then click the "About" option that appears.
    That's it lol

    Welcome to the Team
    You joined the Discord server! N O W W E A R E O N E S T E P C L O S E R T O O U R T R U E G O A L

    Well, joining the Discord server through any old link won't do. Hahaha, no sir.

    Just like the last Achievement, click the "About" tab under the window name, then just simply click "Discord Server". You don't even have to join the server, all that needs to be done is clicking that. (although you really should join the server and allow me to give you some points for being a bad boy/girl)

    He is happy
    He is happy you have been using Discord Bot Maker so much!

    Most people probably thought that to get this, you needed to be using DBM for a long time. Not the case though. All you need to do is open DBM 20 times. (you'll need to close it before you re-open it)

    If you use DBM regularly, you'll probably get this anyway.

    That's it for the Achievements. Pretty simple, all can be got in a short amount of time. Personally, Burn Baby Burn would probably be the hardest one, since I don't actually know how to get it.

    Fun Fact: I got all the Achievements before you even first launched DBM.
    Another Fun Fact: DBM did have 11 Achievements iirc, the last four were hidden and I never got them before they were removed.

    That's it for this pointless guide, if you have any questions and/or suggestions, feel free to reply below and I'll probably never answer. Have a good day, peoples. :>
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    Wew! Thank you! That is very helpful for other users!
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    Burn Baby Burn works if you just disconnect your internet, while it is running :)
    I just tested it.
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